Musician Stage 3


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How to earn your badge:

  1. Skill

    Reach Grade Two standard for the Associated Board of the Royal
    School of Music (or similar). It can be on an instrument of your choice or by singing.

  2. Performance

    Sing or play, as a solo or with others, two different types of song or tune on your chosen instrument. You must perform in front of other people, either in Scouting or at a public performance such as a group show or school concert.

  3. Knowledge
    1. Demonstrate some of the musical exercises that you use to practice your skills.
    2. Talk about one of these:
      • Your instrument and why you enjoy playing it.
      • The songs you sing and why you enjoy singing them.
    3. Talk about three well known pieces of music or songs associated with your instrument.
  4. Interest

    Talk about your own interests in music, including what you listen to most and how this is similar to or different from the music you play or sing.